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Introductory Flight Lesson

Take advantage of an introductory flight lesson, starting as low as $129. Discover the beautiful Hudson Valley, while having the opportunity to take control of the aircraft under the supervision of a Certified Flight Instructor. 

Private Pilot Course:
Cost Breakdown:

Training Kit (including headset: a $189.00 value + sales tax)


35 hours C-152 Aircraft @ $115.00/hour*


20 hours Dual Instruction @ $65.00/hour


10 hours Ground Instruction @ $65.00/hour


6 hours of Pre & Post Instruction @ $65.00/hour 




*Based on the minimum number of 35 hours required for Part 141.


The national average for completion with a school such as ours is approximately 60 hours. Richmor’s average is 50 hours. (Learning aptitude and how frequently you fly will affect your total hours). A student should fly at least one hour per week to ensure good learning continuity and to stay within the 50 hour goal. Flight training is provided on a pay as you go basis unless prior credit arrangements have been made.

Cancellation Policy:

Without 24 hour advance notice, additional fees of 1 hour aircraft time and 1 hour CFI time, may apply.

Aircraft Type 

Regular Rate 

Dual Rate 

Cessna 152



Cessna 172