Why train with Richmor Aviation?

Richmor is the largest Part 141 flight school in the Northeast!

Here you’ll be provided with some of the countries best flight training experiences supervised by Richmor’s professionalflight instructors. This includes all aspects of flight training, from fleet of over 20 aircrafts, a Redbird full-motion simulator, knowledgeable well-trained certified flight instructor’s, A&P and Avionics mechanics who ensure your aircraft is well maintained. 

What does Part 141 mean and why is it beneficial?

Richmor Aviation is an “APPROVED” certified flight school by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). The approval is based on a strict requirements and standards to include an FAA approved training course outline (TCO) providing students with a structured, efficient, and progressive training atmosphere conductive to students success. 

What is the difference between a Part 141 & Part 61 flight school?

Part 141 offers a structured curriculum supervised by the FAA unlike Part 61 which operates without an FAA approved Syllabi. 

Do I need to be in perfect health to obtain a Medical Certificate?

No, you can obtain a certificate with mild medical conditions under many circumstances.

After I recieve my Private Pilot Certificate can I fly for an airline?

No, you must obtain a Commercial Pilot Certificate. 

What does VFR, IFR & IMC mean?

VFR- Visual Flight Rules, IFR- Instrument Flight Rules, & IMC- Instrument Meterological Conditions.