Whether you’re seeking a rewarding hobby or career there’s a program for you!

Preflight Your Future in Aviation


Take advantage of an introductory flight lesson, starting as low as $129. Discover the beautiful Hudson Valley from the sky, while at the controls of the aircraft under the supervision of a Certified Flight Instructor.

Private Pilot Certification

Private Pilot Certification Allows the freedom to operate under Visual Flight Rules (VFR), while flying for personal or recreational purposes without compensation.

Instrument Pilot Rating

Instrument Certification is an added rating to your Private Pilot Certification allowing you to safely navigate the skies in less than favorable visibility conditions under Instrument Flight Rules (IFR).

Commercial Pilot Certification

Supercedes the Private Pilot Certification allowing for employment opportunities and compensation. 

Flight Instructor Certification

Allows you to educate a student by sharing the experience of the flight while working towards the acquisition of a Pilot Certification.