“I contacted Richmor Aviation before I moved to New York from Hawaii, and I spoke with Lisa Litts, who was full of enthusiasm and friendliness! She returned my calls promptly, answered all of my questions and made sure that my GI Bill financing was in place before I started training. I’ve trained at three different flight schools and the customer service at Richmor Aviation was definitely the best I’ve experienced. 

I had a wonderful experience at Richmor. Their airplanes are well maintained, their staff is professional and extremely accommodating, and the school is organized, attractive and clean. I felt welcomed and valued from the first time I walked through their doors. The flight instruction I received there was top notch!”

-Anna Lanzi 

“Richmor has been a key factor in helping to jump-start my journey in the field of aviation. In 2010 I became a student pilot at Richmor Aviation Flight School. For my first lesson at Schenectady, I met with my instructor in his office. I was sitting on the opposite side of the desk with him, looking at his blue Richmor Flight Instructor shirt with envy. I could not wait to be in his position. 

As a student, I put in the time and effort necessary, and was very dedicated and motivated. I loved the flying, and had great respect for my Instructor, so the training was enjoyable and efficient. As a student, it helped that I enjoyed the place I spent so much time at. I got to know the mechanics, line-men, pilots, and the people working behind the front desk. It was the place I could come to further myself as an aviation professional. 

Now here I am, four years later, in that same office and at that same desk. I am now wearing that blue shirt I worked so hard for, and my name is on that office door. Since I began training in 2010, I have held a job as a line-men, mechanics assistant, and a professional pilot. Richmor provided me with the skills and knowledge necessary to excel in the field that I belonged in. From student, to employee, to instructor, Richmor has helped me get to where I am now, and I couldn’t be happier.”

-Carson S Deyo CFI

” When I was a flight instructor for Richmor Aviation I would tell the story of how I got there to every introductory flight, college student, or person passing through that had an interest in aviation. Most people don’t know that I originally went to college for nursing which is a great field but just not for me. I shortly after found out about Schenectady County Community Colleges Aviation Science program ( the most cost efficient way to become a professional pilot). After my first flight lesson I can still remember walking back from the plane, looking at my instructor, and saying “I don’t know how you couldn’t want to do that for a living” the rest is history, SCCC’s plan is to have you complete a license or rating each semester starting with private and working your way to commercial. I started at Richmor in fall of 2011 and received my private pilots license for the fall semester while moving onto my instrument rating for the spring semester. Of all my current ratings and licenses the instrument was the most beneficial because of the way it makes you think like a pilot, prepare for flights, always being ahead of the aircraft, and having a sense of accomplishment when you pop out of the base of clouds and see a runway. The summer following my instrument rating I began my quest as a commercial pilot candidate, unlike other flight schools that have planned routes for you, Richmor is very flexible. I traveled all over the east coast visiting beaches, colleges, Niagara Falls (from the air), getting lunch or dinner with family and friends in other states. It was a blast!

I didn’t stop at my commercial pilot’s license: convinced to start my Flight Instructor certificate, I did just that. After receiving the certificate I started working for Richmor immediately and building flight time, in just one year I built enough time to move onto an airline. If you talk to any professional pilot they will tell you that if you’re looking to become an airline pilot then the time is now and the industry is booming with opportunity. That statement is 100% true!

Now I currently fly for Cape Air/ Nantucket Airlines with hopes of moving onto United Airlines in a couple years. Whether you’re reading this and contemplating to start a career in aviation or looking for a new hobby that will change your life and the way you look at the world remember: a good pilot is a safe pilot.” 

Joshua Ross

“I began training at Richmor Aviation’s Schenectady base at the age of 13 where I took my first introductory flight in a Cessna 172. My training progressed within Richmor utilizing the private pilot curriculum where I achieved my Private Pilot’s license at the age of 17. I continued studies while in high school which allowed me to graduate with both my Private Pilot’s license as well as an Instrument rating. Through the support of Richmor Aviation and their staff, in my first year of college I enrolled as a Commercial student. Choosing the Aviation Science program through SCCC gave me the ability to remain close to home while at the same time utilizing all of the resources that I had become accustom to. By the age 19 and in my second year in college I was offered a position to instruct at Richmor’s Schenectady facility. I spent my second year of college training classmates and accruing time towards my  goal of becoming a charter pilot. At the age of 21 I was given the opportunity to become a check airman and at the age of 22 became an Assistant Chief Flight Instructor making me the youngest to ever hold this position within Richmor. Shortly thereafter, I accepted a position with Questar III, which operates numerous educational programs and services throughout New York State to conduct a program at the Columbia County Airport that specializes in training juniors and seniors at the high school level. Additionally, I remain a training instructor to students enrolled in Richmor Aviation’s flight school. Both Lisa Litts (Flight School Director), Erik Dittrich (Chief Flight Instructor) and Richmor as a corporation have supported all of my goals and aspirations.”

-Travis Costello CFI, CFII & MEI