Earn a degree in Aviation Science at SUNY Schenectady!

We are privileged to work with local SUNY colleges to offer an Associate Degree program in Aviation Science.

SCCC’s Aviation Science program is intended to provide students with an Associates Degree in Aviation Science with a pilot (63-65 credits) or non-pilot (62-64 credits) option, enabling a successful transfer into a bachelor program within the field of aviation. The curriculum provides a solid foundation of eight aviation courses, with supporting instruction in composition, computer information systems, mathematics, social sciences, humanities, and physics. The pilot option provides students with substantial experience in actual flight training with the opportunity to obtain a Private Pilot Certificate, Instrument Rating and a Commercial Pilot Certificate. Flight laboratories are provided by Richmor Aviation and the Schenectady County Airport. 

Get a great start at SCCC

Transfer to a four-year institution through an articulation agreement. Transferring at Junior status is guaranteed with affiliates: Dowling College, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, the University of Connecticut at New Haven, Daniel Webster College, and SUNY Farmingdale.

Note: Non-pilot option does not include AER 101, AER 105, AER 128, AER 129 and includes Business and Management elective. For more information, please contact SCCC Office of Administrations 78 Washington Avenue Schenectady, NY 12305 (518)381-1366.

*Students are allotted 2 hours of flight time for each FAA practical test. Students who take additional time are required to pay for such time at Ricmor’s hourly aircraft rate.

*The course lab fees do not guarantee any rating or certificate. Each lab fee is for specified hours (dual/solo). If a student is required to take additional flight or ground training to meet the proficiency standards required for an FAA exam, he/she will be required to pay additional hourly charges at the rate set by Richmor Aviation. For specified hours allotted for each course or current hourly aircraft rates, contact Richmor Aviation. 

*Course are priced using specific aircraft. Substitution of other aircraft due to individual preference and/or limitation may be required. Course prices are subject to change (increase or decrease). Any additional fees incurred are the responsibility of the student.

*All students must have an FAA Medical Certificate before beginning flight training. (Class I recommended, Class II required.) 

*Headset required for AER 100. Cost range is $140-$250