If we all think alike or at least similarly, we’re often mesmerized by life outside of the self quarantined compounds of our homes and/or businesses due to COVID-19.

We have that though, don’t we? Time to think. We have the time to let our thoughts wonder to what may be beyond these walls. When we get back to “NORMAL,” what will that look like?

Collectively, let’s take a moment to give a special thought to those First Responders, the Nurses, Doctors, Paramedics, Police Officers & Fire Fighters staring down this sickness, in some cases turned to death. More than likely forcing themselves back to the front line day after day, while we’re safely tucked away.

Please join “Aviation Cares Too” to pause for a moment and offer a special prayer for these heroes, fighting minute after minute, hour by hour, day after day, now turned month after month, for us.

If you’ve felt helpless, now is a time for you to play a small part in giving back. Please join me in placing your T-Shirt order to give back.

100% of the profit will be donated to the New York State COVID-19 First Responders Fund. A fund created to assist COVID-19 health care workers and first responders with expenses and costs, including child care.

Don’t want the shirt? Give back twice. Purchase the shirt, make the donation and we’ll drop the shirt off in your name to the local Goodwill or simply choose a denomination of $1.00 – $100.00 (can also be multiplied). No amount is too small. Any amount will help to make a difference.

  Please join us, in showing the world how New York supports New York.

 May God Bless us all. Stay Well!

Sometimes the littlest things offer the biggest inspiration

“To our First Responders, Thank you for all that you do!”

Logan T. New York