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With three convenient Upstate New York locations to choose from, Richmor Aviation Flight School is the Largest Flight Training School in the Northeast.

Our flight instructors are professionals who want you to succeed in achieving your aviation goals. Whether you're looking to get your commercial or private pilot certifications, we have a program to meet your needs, including flexible scheduling, and reasonable rates. Richmor Flight School has FAA Examining Authority privileges, and is an M-1 Visa Authorized flight school for international students.

If you've ever thought of learning to fly, check out our pilot training program. It's fun AND rewarding!


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Overcoming the Odds

Dan Glick

You sit down with an advisor from an accredited college or Certified Flight Instructor and the two main questions on your mind is “How long is this going to take?” and “How much is this going to cost?” Of course you want to be a pilot and maybe even make a career out of it, but what does it take?


Recently, I decided it was time for a career change. I have spent a great deal of time around airplanes for the past twenty years and find it fascinating, so why not? Why not, at almost forty years old, turn what might be an interesting hobby or dream into a reality. I started on an information gathering hunt, talking with my brother who is rated Private Pilot and then went to Schenectady County Community College to meet with Barbara Jones, the schools advisor and Erik Dittrich Chief Flight Instructor for the Richmor/SCCC partnership in aviation. Barb and I spoke for quite a bit of time, and I described my goals and plan. I wanted to be a Certified Flight Instructor Instrument (CFII) by the end of 2013. As I look back on how I was able to successfully pass the FAA Written Exam and End of Course Practical/Interview for my Private Rating with only 41.6 hours of total flight time because I realize this was possible only because I set goals and had a plan. This will become more important as the story goes along because the support of the instructional staff is second only to setting goals and following through. MORE...


That Richmor Aviation offers the VA benefit and has since 1969?
Beginning October 1st, you can use Chapter 30 & 33 with Richmor? For further assistance contact Lisa Litts via email or via telephone at 845-462-2900 or Erik Dittrich via email or via telephone at 518-399-8171. Please have your Certificate of Eligibility (Once you apply it takes approx. 6 weeks to receive) available for review. Don't have your certificate of eligibility? MORE.

Contact us today to take advantage of the Government Benefits available to you.

Richmor Aviation Welcomes SCCC Air Traffic Control Program to Schenectady County Airport

Air Traffic Control A.A.S. program

The Air Traffic Control A.A.S. program provides training in the application of air traffic control procedures and simulator and over-the shoulder control tower operation training and experience.

Admission Requirements

  • Applicants must:
    possess a current, Class-2 medical certificate issued through an FAA certified examiner;
  • be an U.S. citizen;
  • have a record free of any convictions which may disqualify him/her from obtaining an FAA security clearance, and
  • have no speech impediments.

*Students enrolled in the Air Traffic Control A.A.S. program will receive instruction to prepare for the:

  • FAA Control Tower Operator written exam;
  • Schenectady Airport FAA Facility Rating, and
  • FAA Air Traffic Aptitude Test (AT-SAT) entrance exam to the FAA ATC Training Facility in Oklahoma City, OK.

The FAA Control Tower Operator exam will be administered at the end of the ATC 110 – AT Basics course. Students must pass this Certified Tower Operator written exam with a grade of 70% or higher and pass a pre-training drug screen (and are subject to random testing) to continue training in ATC 205 Ground Control Laboratory and ATC 255 Local Control Laboratory. Students must also be 18 years of age in order to participate in the over-the-shoulder, hands-on tower training contained in ATC 205 and ATC 255.

During their second year, students will prepare for the FAA Facility Rating at the Schenectady County Airport Control Tower. In order to complete the program 111requirements for the A.A.S. program at SCCC, students will be required to complete their Facility Rating for Schenectady County Non-Federal Control Tower (NFCT) and/or successful completion of the FAA AT-SAT exam with a score of 85% or higher.

The Facility Rating for Schenectady County NFCT meets established hiring requirements for NFCT control towers only. NFCT towers have no maximum age restriction for initial hire; whereas, entrance exam requirements for employment in FAA control towers is restricted to 31 years of age.

Completion of this degree is not a requirement to take the FAA AT-SAT exam. The degree program is designed to prepare students to successfully pass this exam which is required for entrance in the FAA ATC Training program in Oklahoma City, OK.

* Students who do not successfully complete any one of the these exams can transfer into SCCC’s Aviation Science (non-pilot option) A.S. degree program and receive up to 45 credits of completed course work toward their degree.

Give Our Gift Certificate!

It can be used for an introductory flight lesson (only $100) or to reward your favorite student for passing their check-ride! For all occasions, giving the gift of flight makes an unusual and exciting gift! Father's Day, birthdays and anniversaries, the sky's the limit!!!


If you would prefer not to order through our secure web server, you can call or write for details on how to get your Gift Certificate today:

  • In Schenectady, call (518) 399-8171
  • Lisa in Kingston-Ulster at (845) 336-5638
  • Gail in Hudson at (518) 828-9461

(Good for all Richmor Flight School customers. Good at Schenectady, Kingston-Ulster, & Hudson locations. All gift certificates expire after 1 year from issue date. If appointment for flight is missed without 24 hours of prior notice, gift certificate will be forfeited.)


Pilot Training

With 3 convenient locations to choose from, Richmor Aviation Flight School is the Largest Flight Training School in the Northeast. If you've ever thought of learning to fly, check out our pilot training program. It's fun AND rewarding!

To get your flight training education off the ground... choose from any of our 3 locations:

  • In Schenectady: (518) 399-8171
  • At Kingston-Ulster Airport: (845) 336-5638
  • In Hudson: (518) 828-9461

Or email us for more information on flight training at any of Richmor Aviation's 3 locations!

FBO Service/Flight School Locations

In addition to operating the Largest Flight School in the Northeast, we provide training aircraft, service, pilot lounges, flight supplies and more at 3 FBO locations in upstate New York.



A big part of flight training involves the Weather. You can now get the current METAR for Schenectady and Columbia County. Receive a full weather briefing from Flight Service at 1-800-WX-BRIEF.


We have a fleet of well-maintained training planes, like aircraft from Cessna. As a Student pilot, you have many options of training planes to choose from, and as you continue your training, can be checked out in more advanced aircraft we have in our fleet.


We need flight instructors! Richmor Aviation is more than a Flight School. Start out as a flight instructor with our flight school and you could work your way up to jet captain in the Charter Division. Check out what our former intructors have to say!

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